To help you plan your trip and enjoy every minute, we are happy to give some advice. The hardest decision might seem: ‘Where shall we go?’ But don’t worry - the journey itself will be quite a reward and you will find your way! A general rule should be: The shorter the trip, the closer your destination should be. Travelling shorter distances does not only reduce your ecological impact but also gives you more time to relax and explore. As you might expect, we love travelling the country and you can find some of our favorite itineraries below. Depending on the length and nature of your trip, this can give you an idea of how many miles to cover while taking in the scenery, getting a taste of the area and finding a lovely camping spot.


You might be the born explorers, get your keys, choose the direction at a whim and see what the roads hold. Go for it! The only questions you should consider before you hit the road are: ‘Where to drive?’, ‘Where to pitch?’ and ‘What to bring?’ and we have some answers ready for you: 

Where to go:

You are going to enjoy roaming around in your Landy, but yet the choice of your destination should be depending on how much time you have in total. The shorter the trip, the less driving should be involved. A 6 hour round trip to the Peak District is only really worth it, when you are planning on camping at least three nights in the same place, spending your days immersing in long hikes and taking in the moors, dales, rivers and caves. If you are planning a road trip instead, checking out sights on the way and spending each night on a different delightful speck of land, make sure you don’t plan on spending more than an hour or two driving each day. 

If you have a choice – take the slow roads and enjoy the views. The high seating position in the Defender allows you to peek over any hedges and barriers, taking in the rolling hills other drivers down below don’t even know existed.


usefulLinksforyour Adventure

This country is covered with so many woodlands, Nature Reserves, historic sights, coastal walks and mountains to climb, while lush campsites to pitch-up on are around every corner. Those travelling with children or having a very limited amount of time might want to do some planning ahead, knowing what’s coming on the way and getting excited about booking pitches. Here are some links that can help make the most of your trip while ensuring your stress levels are plummeting right from the beginning!

The Camping and Caravaning Club: The UK’s (and most possibly the world’s) oldest and largest Club for all forms of camping. Find a comprehensive directory and map of all the campsites in the UK with lots of useful filters and tons of inspiration and news around anything camping. A membership could be worth it for access to hundreds of their ‘certificated’ campsites – small, secluded private campsites with only 5-10 pitches, usually in rural areas and many located in National Parks or along the coast.


Nearly Wild Camping (or free alternatives CampSpace and HomeCamper): For those looking for a wilder, secluded or quieter camping experience, these growing network of privately owned locations to camp on is a good place to start. Members have access to an online directory of the locations and with comprehensive details of the facilities available. Their locations in England and Wales are still quite limited right now – but some of them are stunning.


Pitch Up, Cool Camping or Campsites UK are further directories with useful maps, campsite filters and online booking options.


Komoot: There are many good hiking apps out there, but we discovered this one getting lost in the rugged landscape of the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain and it works just as well on our English home turf. After a free trial it costs a couple of pounds, but whether you are hiking, cycling or running, it suggests routes or, based on your start and end point, will guide you along a customised route, with all the sights on the way and a smart topographical breakdown of surfaces, way-type and elevation analysis. Thus, it’s ensured you are always staying in suitable terrain, are safely guided and aware of what lies ahead. 


National Trust: We cannot recommend a membership with the National Trust enough, as wherever we go it enables us to experience truly unique natural and historic places – finding beauty, space and air to breathe. It’s Europe’s largest conservation charity taking care of hundreds of miles of accessible coastline, hundreds of thousands of acres of countryside and hundreds of historic houses, parks, gardens and archeological sites. 


English Heritage: England’s second big trust managing hundreds of historic buildings, monuments and sites - from world-famous prehistoric excavations to Roman forts and Cold War bunkers. Whether it’s Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall or Dover Castle – a stroll through one of their places brings the story of England to life.


Wildlife Trusts:  Looking after 2,300 nature reserves, covering 98,500 hectares, the Wildlife Trust is our got to to find Nature Reserves, woodlands and wildlife wherever we pitch-up. Use their map search to find hidden gems for long walks and spotting some unexpected wildlife.

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