Catastrophe, n., /kəˈtæs.trə.fi/, the phenomena of the physical world, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations


The climate emergency demands all of us to act as responsibly as possible – also when planning a holiday. As the travel sector is accountable for nearly a tenth of all global carbon emissions and being one of the fastest growing economic sectors, the impact of tourism on the planet’s climate crisis becomes even more apparent. 


Furthermore, overtourism rises the social and ecological toll of travelling: National Parks are struggling with overflowing toilets, landscapes are clogged with cars and hiking paths in fragile eco systems can’t recover under heavy boots. 


This is why we chose sustainability to determine LandyCamper’s business conduct – responsible decisions, sustainable products and processes and the vision of enabling our clients to enjoy an eco-friendly and low-impact holiday as a step towards a more ecologically aware lifestyle by all of us. It sometimes just requires some inspiration and planning to try to reconcile your love of exploration with the impact that globe-trotting and can have on the environment. Let’s go!