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Discover the Hidden Gems of Peak District Camping: A Guide to an Unforgettable Experience

Join us on a detailed exploration of the Peak District National Park, where every moment is an opportunity for adventure and discovery. Our LandyCamper not only provided us with the comfort of home but also the freedom to explore this stunning landscape at our own pace.

Matlock Bath:

Our first stop, Matlock Bath, was a delightful surprise, embodying the essence of a quintessential English village nestled in the lush valleys of the Peak District. This picturesque village, reminiscent of a coastal resort town, captivated us with its unique charm. We wandered along the River Derwent, admiring the Victorian architecture and the array of quirky shops and cafés that line the promenade.

The highlight of Matlock Bath was undoubtedly the cable car ride to the Heights of Abraham. As we ascended, the landscape transformed before our eyes, offering a panoramic spectacle of the Derwent Valley and surrounding peaks. At the top, the Heights of Abraham not only offered breath-taking views but also a chance to delve into the area's rich geological and mining history. We explored the fascinating caverns and mines, a journey that felt like stepping back in time.

For families visiting in a LandyCamper, Matlock Bath offers a perfect blend of adventure and accessibility. The village's compact size makes it easy to explore, and there are plenty of parking options for your LandyCamper. Whether it's indulging in the famous Derbyshire ice cream, taking a leisurely stroll along the riverside, or experiencing the thrill of the cable car and the historical wonders atop the Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the Peak District.


Bakewell: A Culinary and Cultural Gem in the Heart of the Peaks

Bakewell, renowned for its delightful culinary heritage, offered us more than just the famous Bakewell Tart. This charming market town, with its stone buildings and quaint streets, was a joy to explore. We wandered through the town centre, admiring the mix of independent shops and historic landmarks, including the ancient All Saints Church, which stands as a testament to the town's rich history.

The real star of Bakewell, however, was the culinary experience. Visiting the original Bakewell Tart shop was a treat; the aroma of freshly baked tarts and the warm, welcoming atmosphere made it a memorable part of our visit - so much so that we went back two more times! We also enjoyed exploring the local farmers' market, where we indulged in a variety of local produce and artisanal goods.

A visit to Bakewell wouldn’t be complete without exploring the Monsal Trail. This old railway line, now a popular trail for walkers and cyclists, took us through some of the most picturesque parts of the Peaks. The trail's viaducts, particularly the Headstone Viaduct, offer stunning views and a unique perspective on the region's industrial past. We recommend downloading the Monsal Trail podcast for an informative companion that enriches the experience with historical insights and stories.

Even on a duller day, the Viaduct was an absolutely stunning walk!

For LandyCamper adventurers, Bakewell is a delightful stop that combines cultural exploration, culinary delights, and outdoor adventures. Its central location in the Peak District makes it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Whether you're interested in history, food, or just a leisurely stroll through a beautiful English town, Bakewell is a destination that has something for everyone.


Camping In The Peaks:

Our nights were spent at Treaks Pringle and Five Acre Farm. Both campsites provided the perfect blend of tranquillity and breath-taking scenery, ideal for a restful night after a day of exploration. Treaks Pringle Campsite:

Treaks Pringle in Castleton is a prime example of the Peak District's camping charm. The campsite's stunning scenery and proximity to local attractions make it an ideal spot for nature lovers. The facilities, while basic, are clean and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable stay. Its unlit areas provide an opportunity for true stargazing experiences, so bringing a good quality torch is advisable.

The views from Treaks Pringle are frankly bonkers.

The campsite’s natural slope adds to its rustic charm, though it means some pitches aren’t completely level. The friendly and helpful staff, coupled with the site's scenic location and easy access to nearby walks, make Treaks Pringle an excellent choice for a LandyCamper adventure.

For detailed reviews and more information about Treaks Pringle, visit

Five Acres Farm Campsite:

Five Acres Farm Campsite in Wardlow is a peaceful retreat in the Peak District, known for its rural charm and scenic beauty. The site features a variety of animals, including llamas, adding a unique touch to the camping experience. It's conveniently located within a short drive from the Monsal Trail and Bakewell, offering easy access to cycling and hiking opportunities. The campsite boasts stunning open-field views and is ideal for walks. Facilities were fantastic, newly built showers, loos, and washup stations, all imaculately presented!

Our nearest neighbours were sheep - and even they weren't that close!

For more details about Five Acres Farm Campsite, visit


Hiking and Nature:

Our journey to the summit of Mam Tor, starting from the conveniently located Treaks Pringle Campsite, was nothing short of magical. As we ascended the hill early in the morning, the world below slowly lit up, revealing the stunning landscape of the Peak District. The hike, though moderately challenging, is accessible to most, and the views from the top at sunrise are a rewarding spectacle.

But the Peak District offers more than just Mam Tor. Other notable hikes in the area include the trek to Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peaks, known for its rugged terrain and spectacular views. For a more leisurely walk, the trails around Ladybower Reservoir are perfect, offering picturesque scenery and tranquil paths.

The stunning view from one of many hiking breaks to set up the camera!

Close to the base of Mam Tor is Treak Cliff Cavern, a 'show cave' and working mine for the semi-precious Blue John stone. The cave tour, around 45 minutes underground, is an amazing experience, and also makes for a great rainy-day activity (handy in the Peaks!)

Another gem is the Pennine Way, a long-distance walk that takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in Northern England.

Each hike in the Peaks offers its unique charm, whether you're seeking breath-taking views, challenging climbs, or gentle strolls. With a LandyCamper parked at your chosen campsite, these trails become easily accessible, allowing you to tailor your hiking adventures to your personal preferences.

For more details about the hikes in the Peak District, check out Peak District Walks.


Eyam - The Plague Village:

Eyam, the 'Plague Village,' is a testament to extraordinary human courage and sacrifice. In 1665, when the plague struck, the villagers, led by their rector William Mompesson and Thomas Stanley, chose to self-quarantine. This act of selflessness significantly reduced the spread of the plague to surrounding areas but at great cost to the villagers.

Similar plaques throughout Eyam tell the fascinating but grim history of this village

Today, Eyam is a poignant reminder of this history, with landmarks like the Riley Graves, where Elizabeth Hancock buried her family, and the Boundary Stone, marking the quarantine line. A visit to Eyam Museum deepens understanding of this period. This village's story of resilience and unity makes it an inspiring destination for anyone exploring the Peak District in a LandyCamper.

Food and Local Delights:

The Peak District is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a rich culinary experience. In Matlock Bath, enjoy local cafes and traditional fish and chips along the river. Bakewell is famous for its original Bakewell Tart, a must-try for anyone visiting the town.

Even on a rainy day Bakewell makes for a quintessentially British view!

The area's pubs and restaurants serve delicious, locally-sourced fare, including Derbyshire's famous oatcakes and Hartington Stilton. Each location in the Peaks provides its unique taste of local English cuisine, making a trip in a LandyCamper not just a feast for the eyes, but also for the palate.



Our adventure in the Peak District with a LandyCamper was an unforgettable experience, blending the comforts of modern travel with the timeless beauty of nature.

We returned home with a treasure trove of memories and a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors. We invite you to embark on your own LandyCamper adventure in 2024 and discover the magic of the Peak District for yourself.

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