The people behind LandyCampers? That’s us – Max and Bela. Whether we are camping and exploring the coasts of Spain, go north on a road trip through stunning Yorkshire or just spend a weekend in the roof tent in the local woods – no other vehicle radiates a thirst for adventure and discovering the outdoors like a Defender. For us it’s the definition of the perfect travel buddy and a joy to drive off the beaten track, on winding country roads and rougher surfaces. 


Max having swapped his career in engineering with becoming a Surf Instructor and Bela needing a break from her job in Digital Advertisement, we met working for a Surf Camp in Morocco in 2017. We decided to tackle future adventures together – and Max’s Defender ‘Fran’ was in on it too.


After nearly two years on the road as full-time Surf Instructors, having travelled the coasts of the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa, we simply wanted to share that feeling of utter road trip freedom and slow and low-impact travel close to nature. Paired with our passion for the most capable and rugged companion of a car, the Defender, we quickly knew what we had to do and LandyCampers was born.


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As campers and surfers and with a business in the fast-growing tourism industry, it is our responsibility to help preserve nature and the oceans. More information on our approach and commitment to a sustainable conduct can be found below.



Environment, n., /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/, the phenomena of the physical world, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations

The climate emergency demands all of us to act as responsibly as possible – also when planning a holiday. The travel sector is one of the fastest growing economic sectors and accountable for nearly a tenth of all global carbon emissions. 


The impact of tourism of any kind on the planet’s climate crisis is more than apparent: air travel, cruise industry and overtourism rises the social and ecological toll of travelling.  National Parks are struggling with overflowing toilets, landscapes are clogged with litter and hiking paths in fragile eco systems can’t recover under heavy boots. 


This is why we chose sustainability to determine LandyCampers' business conduct – responsible decisions, sustainable products and processes and the vision of enabling our clients to enjoy an eco-friendly and low-impact holiday as a step towards a more ecologically aware lifestyle by all of us. It sometimes just requires some inspiration and planning to try to reconcile your love of exploration with the impact that globe-trotting and can have on the environment. Check out below how we and you can minimise our impact and let’s plan that trip!


What we are doing:

Supporting non-flight and low impact holidays


Landycamping is about choosing a holiday destination that enables you to discover what’s closer to home and renounces a long-haul flight – which by far would be the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.


Camping itself is one of the most responsible ways to go on holiday, as carrying your sleeping quarters and all amenities with you is the purest form of a ‘low impact accommodation’ – no mass tourism or large concrete developments that are half empty in low season.

Offsetting LandyCampers' own impact

We work with Ecologi to offset our own carbon emissions from our office's electronics use, to our own journeys, to deliveries we receive. We believe that we should lead by example, and do our best work as 'green' as possible!


What we ask you to do:

Avoid flying


Travel by train and get 10% off: If you are from outside the UK, please consider travelling here by train (or bus) instead of flying. For every LandyCamper that crossed the English Channel by train or bus, we offer a 10% discount on their LandyCamper rental. 


Offset your emissions


If you have to fly into the UK to go on a trip with one of our vehicles, we urge you to carbon offset your flights using a reliable company like Ecologi, a Gold Standard certified company. We will take care of our vehicle’s emissions by offsetting every mile driven twice.



Surfaces inside the vehicle and roof tent are regularly treated with Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield, to protect against viral droplets. At all times are the vehicles cleaned with disposable and suitable cleaning equipment and personal protective equipment. Vehicles will be aired out and cleaned inside with suitably strong detergent / alcohol / chlorine-based washes. Special attention will be given to any surfaces frequently touched, such as handles, steering wheel, seat belts, controls, rear mirror, keys

and others. All items used by previous hirers will be washed appropriately or exchanged where necessary. The 48 hour minimum ‘down time’ between hires will allow for a high proportion of any lingering viral load to dissipate from any surfaces. In case a customer advises they or someone

 they travelled with started to show symptoms while out on hire, special guidelines will be followed.



During the handover and return of the vehicles, we will wear and provide masks and at all times ensure a distance of 2 m between you and us. Wherever possible, the administrative part of the handover, signing of documents and introduction to the vehicle will take place outside. Any desks, counters, desk stationery and credit card readers will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after each use. Any other operations that do not allow for social distancing, such as pickup of clients from train stations/airport, will unfortunately be suspended until regulations change or rules can be adhered to. We will advise you on local services that can safely provide these services.



The current situation requires more flexibility from all of us. Should your hire be affected by Covid-19 in any way, through local lockdown, renewed travel restrictions or the need for self-quarantine, we will offer you a free change of dates at any time, and a full refund where this is not possible. If you have a booking with us and are concerned you might not be able to go on your trip, please get in touch and we will make sure to find a solution.


Just before our first season, the Covid-19 pandemic started spreading and everything came to a halt. With 2020 being a challenging year for everyone, things are now slowly settling back. Leisure travel in the UK is allowed again and campsites with shared facilities re-opened in England, Wales and Scotland in July. Camping currently clearly is a favourite for many travellers as its focus on nature and the outdoors generally avoids crowded destinations and allows for social distancing in wide-open spaces of campsites. At LandyCampers, we are closely following Government guidelines and our industry’s trade body’s advice to implement measures that keep our vehicles clean and safe and protect you and us during pick-up and return.