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Gift cards to rooftents, merch to handmade soaps - everything a LandyCamper needs!

Thule Rooftop Tents & Camping

Thule Approach - The next level in rooftop tents: more space, more comfort, more adventures

Thule Outset - Elevate your outdoor experience with the unique towbar mounted tent, offering unparalleled comfort, ease of use and great accessibility.

Rooftop Tent Accessories

Added extras to enhance your rooftent camping experience

LandyCampers Gift Cards

Give the gift of Adventure!

The perfect present for the adventurer in your life


LandyCampers gift vouchers can be redeemed to experience an unforgettable camping trip in our fully equipped Land Rover Camper where and when the time is right. Sleeping under the stars in our roof tent, cooking over the fire and taking the slow roads exploring the country in the most iconic vehicle – all wrapped into the perfect present to surprise any explorers and lovers of the outdoors. Choose the value of your gift voucher below, and follow instructions on how to personalise it for your loved ones, and we'll take care of the rest of their unforgettable experience. 

Gift Card 1 Front generic.jpg

LandyCampers Merch

Wear the spirit of a LandyCampers adventure.

Get ready for the outdoors with one of our long-lasting embroidered and timeless t-shirts or beanies!

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