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When driving a Defender, its thirst for adventure will soon spread and you will love the feeling of freedom and excitement of discovering what’s around the next corner.

Renting a fully equipped LandyCamper you will get:


  • A highly maintained classic Land Rover Camper, either Defender 90 (2000) for solo travellers or two people or Defender 110 (2001) for up to 6 people, or those bringing doggies!

  • Award-winning Thule Approach rooftop tents - new for 2024 and unique to LandyCampers, these tents are spacious, comfortable, quick to set up, and tested to their limits by the world-renowned Swedish manufacturer, offering panoramic views and built-in durability for an elevated camping experience

  • All vehicles have a 5 gear manual transmission and a 2.5-litre TD5 engine and high profile all-terrain tyres, uprated brakes, and suspension for excellent drivability and safety even when fully laden

  • While Land Rover has always kept the interior concept of the Defender simple and utilitarian with hardly any switches or electronics, our vehicles come with an upgraded, customised cockpit including an Android Auto / Apple CarPlay based infotainment system, and many mechanical upgrades for more comfort and safety while driving

  • Our Landys have great visibility thanks to the high driving position and unobstructed rear and side windows for easier and safer driving and manoeuvring, along with all round upgraded high power Vision-X Vortex headlights and LED auxiliary lights for safer night driving

  • A customised rear of the vehicle fits a smart storage system that grants easy access to and safe, space-saving stowing of the camping equipment and luggage

  • A small inside lounge in the rear (only to be used when vehicle is stationary) for some more privacy when relaxing or when the weather is really letting you down

  • Not only a top quality rooftent and awning, but state of the art, innovative equipment for a sustainable experience that’s fully included in the rental charge, like a solar panel, battery generator and fridge

  • Comfy, freshly laundered bedding inside the tent, ready as soon as you unfold! Duvets or sleeping bags, dependant on preference & weather, and pillows, sheets etc

  • Convenient pick-up and drop off location just north of London, close to Stansted Airport, with secure parking onsite for your own vehicle

We will give you a thorough introduction to the vehicle, its driving behaviour and its equipment upon pick-up.

Land Rover Defender 90 Rooftent Camper
Land Rover Defender 90 offroad


Traveling Companion, n., / kəm-ˈpan-yən /, a capable Land Rover Defender that takes you anywhere, carries all your stuff and has a bed ready for you

The Land Rover Defender: Some call it the most timeless, iconic and beloved vehicle ever made, for Ben Fogle it’s “as quintessentially British as a plate of fish and chips” and for us it simply is the perfect travel buddy. Its unique simplicity, capability and versatility make it a joy to drive off the beaten track, on winding country roads and rougher surfaces. 


Since its production originally started in 1948, the original Series Land Rover has always been a trail-blazer for every SUV that has come along. But did Land Rover’s chief engineer sketch his first original design into the red sand on an Anglesey beach in 1947? Is it true that, due to its use for colonial overland expeditions, a boxy Land Rover is, for more than half the world's population, the first vehicle that ever saw? And what is it about that notorious ‘Defender wave’ amongst Landy drivers?

Feel free to kick back in your Defender’s lounge and find out more about the unique stories that evolve around the “world's favourite car”: all our Landies come with a little library to sweeten your travels, including Ben Fogle's must read ‘The Story of the Car that conquered the world’. But be careful: the passion is contagious and you will soon find yourself secretly checking out every Defender you see wishing you could take it out for a drive!

LandyCampers Fern 110 Defender Camper






LandyCampers Navigator 5.jpg

 Defender 90 for two people


Our classic grey Defender 90, manufactured in 2000, is the perfect companion for any solo adventurer or up to two people travelling together. Waffle is sturdy and rugged, but easy to drive and manoeuvre thanks to the shorter wheelbase. The Thule rooftent comfortably fits two people while there is enough space in the converted back to have dinner inside if the weather lets you down.


LandyCampers Fern Defender 110-1.jpg

Defender 110 for up to six people


Fern is our lovely green Defender 110 from 2001. Highly original inside and out, her looks are as majestic as she is capable of tackling any terrain. Fern is fitted with two Thule rooftents and a 270 degree awning to sleep 6, while offering loads of space for equipment and luggage in the converted back. She is also suitable for those with doggies!

Our Rooftents
LandyCampers Fern Defender 110-2.jpg


Experience the next level of camping with Thule Approach rooftents, handpicked for LandyCampers' 2024 season.


These tents transform your off-grid adventures into luxury escapes, providing unparalleled comfort, ease, and a profound connection with nature—ideal for the LandyCampers community seeking sustainable, off-the-beaten-path experiences.

These rooftents offer the following benefits:


  • Luxurious Comfort: The Thule Approach maximizes space with its modern design, ensuring a comfortable lounge area and restful sleep on a premium dual-layer mattress. Ready for adventure without the fuss of airbeds.

  • Panoramic Views: With expansive skylights and windows, enjoy breath-taking stargazing and ventilation that connects you deeper with the great outdoors, all from the comfort of your LandyCamper.

  • Quick Setup: Transition from journey to relaxation in under three minutes, cutting down on set up time and maximising adventure time!

  • All-Weather Protection: A versatile rain cover offers multiple protection modes against the elements, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable, no matter the weather.

  • Durable and Tested: Subjected to rigorous safety and environmental testing, the Thule Approach withstands extreme conditions, guaranteeing a reliable home above ground for every LandyCampers adventure.

Each of our Landys also comes with a 270° Batwing Awning. The heavy-duty self-standing retractable awning is conveniently attached to the side of the vehicle for immediate use and shelter wherever you set up camp – braving hot summer days or rainy hours.

Equipment Anchor


  • Thule Approach rooftop tent, with dual layer mattress, panoramic views + thermal inner tent in cold weather

  • Enclosed awning room that can be attached under the tent

  • Bedsheet, pillows and single or double duvets and covers or multi-season sleeping bag

  • 2 bathing towels

  • Large, wraparound 270° batwing awning

  • ARB4x4 folding table and CampWerk folding chairs

  • NEBO LED rechargeable camping lantern, torches & headtorches

  • EcoFlow 288/567Wh portable power station, with wall outlets and multiple USB A & C ports

  • 110 / 160 W portable solar panels compatible with power station

  • Warm Moroccan blankets for colder nights!


Included in every standard adventure package.


  • 25 litre Dometic CFX3 Powered Cooler 

  • Primus Tupike double burner & gas cylinders

  • Primus Kamoto Portable Fire Pit and BBQ

  • Primus Pots and pan set


  • Collapsible colander and bowls


  • Vango plates, bowls, glasses and mugs


  • Cutlery and Cooking utensils


  • Bamboo Chopping board, kitchen knives, veg peeler, corkscrew, tin opener, cheese grater, scissors, pot stand

  • Vango Kettle


  • Coffee maker


  • Salt, pepper, oil, sugar, tea & coffee

  • Beeswax wrapper & silicone lids for food storage

  • Beech Briquettes and firelighters


  • Eco friendly washing-up liquid and sanitizing hand-wash

  • Compostable sponge & scourer, tea towels, washing up bowl

  • Colapz 8 litre collapsible water container

  • Dustpan and brush

  • Antibacterial hand-gel and wipes






A closer look:

Dometic CFX3.png

Dometic CFX3 25

Powerful compressor cool box for fresh food and cool beers!

LandyCampers EcoFlwo R600 Battery.jpg


Solar Panels

600W portable power station, with 4 wall outlets and multiple USB A & C ports & solar panels to charge


Colapz Collapsible Water Container

BPA-free, 4 litre water carrier that folds flat for easy storage

CampWerk Chair.png

CampWerk Camping Chairs

Because comfy chairs mean happy campers!



Defenders are tall, and not everyone is! The rooftent can be a stretch to open without a stool!


Cooking Essentials

Everything else (well, almost, you are still camping) you'll need to whip up a culinary masterpiece, and clean up after!



We'll supply all the bedding you need, freshly laundered, and snugly stored in the tent, ready when you are!



An outright essential. Simple.


Sony XAV-AX8050D

DAB stereo w/ Android Auto & Apple Carplay for coninience and safety when driving


Primus Tupike Stove 

Efficient yet powerful dual gas burner with griddle pan & wind deflectors


LED Camping Lantern 

Seriously bright, with 2 detachable torches, USB rechargable


Outwell Feast Cookware

A durable aluminium  cooking pot set which packs neatly into its self.


Vango Bamboo  Crockery

Sustainable, sturdy, and hygienic


Vango Table

Lightweight, strong fold up table with adjustable height to coffee- or dining-table.


Exzact Cutlery

Quality stainless steel cutlery, a little luxury for camping life!

And more! We're always improving and expanding our list throughout the season as new gear becomes available!

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