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LandyCampers Covid19 Policy Update

In short, we're closed for now, but we'll be back in 2021 better than ever, and our flexible booking policies allow for booking now with confidence!

As we're sure you are all aware, the large majority of the UK now sits in Tiers 3 or 4 of Covid restrictions, with our HQ and surrounding areas in Tier 4. This of course means that we are currently closed for rentals.

Our intention remains to open as soon as is safe and we are allowed to in 2021 (everything crossed that that comes sooner rather than later), and we are spending the winter period upgrading our equipment, both in the vehicle, the roof-tent, and the camping essentials and extras! We're confident that our offering for 2021 improves on our already popular 2020 gear, and are working hard to ensure we offer the absolute best equipment and value.

New roof tents, new gear, and a flexible booking policy. Why wait, book your LandyCampers adventure for 2021 with confidence!

Earlier in the year we adapted our booking policies to reflect the constantly changing nature of lockdowns and personal isolation requirements, to ensure our conditions are as fair as is possible. We have kept this under review throughout 2020, and will extend this for the foreseeable future, to continue to offer renters the confidence that they will not lose out financially should they be unable to attend for any Covid-related reason.

The flexible booking policy allows for changes to booking dates completely free of charge, in any circumstance where rental is not possible for any reason related to Covid19 safety. These would include, but not be limited to, either our area or yours becoming 'locked-down' making leisure travel impossible; either us or you being required to self isolate; or either us or you becoming ill. We have made these changes in the interests of fairness, so that you might book with confidence you will not lose out, and in the interests of public health, so there is no temptation to go ahead with a booked holiday when you may be ill or under isolation requests. Obviously, either of these would be unacceptable and against our T&Cs.

We will continue to uphold our stringent cleaning and safe-handover protocols as long as is necessary. We have ensured at all points that our practices are far ahead of the recommended requirements, ensuring client safety as much as we can. This will continue to include our thorough wash and disinfection of every item in the vehicles between hires, application of 'Zoono Microbe Shield' (a solution that neutralises pathogens on touch for up to 30 days) to all high-touch-points between every hire, our outdoor (when weather permits) and socially distanced (at all times) hand-overs, and more. These protocols are regularly assessed for areas of improvement as required, but our 'minimum standard' will at all times remain above recommendations, for the health of all involved.

In return, when we are able to rent again, we ask that all renters act with their own safety, and that of ourselves and others, in mind during rentals. ALL relevant advice at the time must be adhered to, during and before rental, and under no circumstances should you go ahead with your travels should you have any reason to believe you could be contagious. Our policies mean we are more than happy to rearrange for another time, or refund your booking completely should that not be possible.

With all that said, we are currently taking bookings for 2021, for our upgraded fleet, with a host of new campsite recommendations available during booking to help you book the adventure you surely deserve in 2021, let's be honest, we all need one after this year!

Contact us at any time for any further questions, or reach out through social media, we're always happy to hear from you!

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