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Sustainable Adventures: How LandyCampers is Paving the Way

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Responsible travel has become more important than ever before in today's world. As explorers, we must be mindful of protecting the incredible places we're privileged to experience. At LandyCampers, sustainability is integral to who we are, guiding every decision we make. We're committed to leading the way in eco-friendly camping adventures across the diverse natural landscapes of the UK.

LandyCampers' Lifetime Carbon-Negative Fleet

We're proud to have achieved carbon-negativity for our whole fleet of Land Rover Defenders. This means our sustainability efforts offset more carbon than these iconic vehicles will produce in their entire lifetime.

For every booking, we partner with reputable environmental organizations. So far, we've planted 3,611 trees and avoided 152.31 tonnes of emissions. Our partners meet the highest sustainability standards, so we know our contributions make a real impact.

By supporting renewable energy projects, we're actively working towards a greener future. As the first carbon-negative campervan rental in the UK, we're inspired to set even more ambitious sustainability goals. We hope to motivate the whole industry too, and are pleased to see others beginning down this path too.

Promoting Local Travel Destinations

Sustainable travel means exploring closer to home and avoiding long haul trips. We actively encourage discovering the hidden gems scattered across East England. Many first-time visitors find themselves captivated by the region's diverse natural beauty and cultural heritage through our recommended itineraries.

We often hear from returning guests who have fallen in love with the East of England. Promoting local tourism reduces individual carbon footprints from travel. It also provides immersive experiences of Britain's unspoiled landscapes and historic towns on offer right on the doorstep for many.

The Norfolk Broads - one of our stunning local wonders in the East Of England

Community Engagement and Education

With over 37,000 Instagram followers, our platform offers great opportunities to engage and educate on sustainable travel. We regularly share tips on minimizing camping waste, respecting wildlife and going off-grid. Our guides also provide one-on-one advice on responsible travel when assisting guests.

We further inspire our community by celebrating eco-friendly initiatives shared with us, both big and small. Experienced travellers in our ambassador program generously share their own tried and tested sustainable travel wisdom. Together, our collective passion for protecting the planet helps make every LandyCampers trip greener.

Supporting Local and Sustainable Suppliers

We proudly support local and eco-friendly businesses across all our operations where possible. From locally sourced firewood to biodegradable cleaning supplies, we partner with like-minded suppliers. This provides a platform for rural, sustainable brands while reducing travel miles for supplies.

Our rental rates include gear and accessories from responsible brands. We emphasize reusables over disposables and provide a gear cleaning service too. For us, environmental impact guides our partnerships rather than just cost savings. Our network of green suppliers allows us to truly walk the talk on sustainability.

Time spent outdoors is good for you - there's no reason it cannot also be good for the planet

Future Innovations for Sustainability

At LandyCampers, our commitment to sustainability is not just about meeting current standards; it's about continuously pushing the boundaries to ensure our operations and services are as eco-friendly as possible. Here's a glimpse into our roadmap for a greener future:

  1. Eco-Friendly Gadgets and Gear: We're actively researching and integrating state-of-the-art eco-friendly gadgets into our Landys. From advanced batteries that last longer to enhanced solar integration, we aim to make off-grid adventures more sustainable. These innovations not only reduce the environmental impact but also enhance the overall camping experience for our guests.

  2. Engine Efficiency and Emission Reduction: Recognising the environmental implications of vehicle emissions, we've taken proactive steps to enhance the efficiency of our diesel engines. Our recent tuning of the 110 for optimal efficiency, with plans to do the same for the 90, is a testament to this commitment. Additionally, our ongoing engine cleaning initiative, coupled with the use of fuel additives and cleaning products, aims to significantly reduce emissions, ensuring our Landys are as green as they are rugged.

  3. Exploring New Partnerships: While we currently don't have any sustainability-focused collaborations, we're open to forging partnerships with like-minded organizations and local authorities. By pooling resources and expertise, we believe we can amplify our positive impact on the environment.

  4. Operational Sustainability: Our headquarters already operates on a 100% renewable energy tariff, showcasing our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint. We're continuously exploring avenues to further reduce our operational impact, ensuring that every facet of LandyCampers aligns with our eco-conscious ethos.

  5. Expanding our CO2 Offset Program: We're proud of our current carbon offset initiatives, but we're not stopping there. We're looking to partner with platforms like Ecologi to incorporate direct CO2 removal into our offset program. This will allow us to not just neutralise but actively reduce the carbon footprint associated with each LandyCampers adventure.

Traveller Tips to Reduce Environmental Footprint

While LandyCampers prioritizes industry-leading sustainability, travellers also play an important role. Here are some tips to reduce your environmental impact when camping:

Making mindful choices together leaves the smallest footprint behind - and the fondest memories ahead!

At LandyCampers, we believe meaningful travel connects us to our planet and its people. Our sustainability efforts aim to make that travel lighter on the Earth. We hope to inspire you to join us in nurturing eco-friendly adventures. Contact us today to book your next green getaway across England's scenic landscapes!

Let's preserve our planet for the journeys to come.

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