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The LandyCampers Difference: Elevating Your Defender Camper Hire Experience

At LandyCampers, we're not just an adventure camper rental company. We're a family-run business that's passionate about camping and the outdoors, and we're here to help you experience the ultimate adventure. But what exactly sets us apart in a growing market? Let's dive in.

A green land rover defender 110 camper with rooftop tent camping in front of a vibrant sunset

Quality and Selection of Camping Gear

When you choose LandyCampers for your Defender camper rental, you're choosing the highest quality camping gear. We've spent years refining our selection, ensuring that everything you need for a truly off-grid camping holiday is included in the base price. From rooftop tents to cooking equipment, we've got you covered.

An infographic showing the camping gear inventory on a LandyCampers defender

Our gear loadout is built on our own personal experience from living abroad from our own Landy, Fran (the OG LandyCamper!) and a much less advanced tent than we now equip our fleet with! After months of living exclusively in the tent & Landy, we learnt exactly what is required for comfort and convenience, and importantly what is simply wasting space! From this, we fine-tuned our selection, finding the highest quality and most up-to-date gear available, and made it available to our guests!

We've yet to have a single suggestion of missing gear upon a guests return!


Award-Winning Service

We're proud to have been recognized time and again for our commitment to excellence - from our numerous awards, including the Travel & Hospitality Awards Unique Accommodation Of the Year UK and EastLife Magazine Best Accommodation - Essex , to our 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and Google.

A rental with us goes well beyond just provision of a Landy - we're on-hand to help with bespoke trip planning - including campsite and route recommendations based on your own preferences and hobbies (not just an 'off the shelf' plan that may not interest you at all!) - and are available at any time during the hire period to answer questions or advise! We've even helped guests source their own Landys after getting hooked after their adventure (warning - you may spend your evenings in the tent on AutoTrader - Landys are delightfully infectious vehicles to drive!)

Maintaining an unwavering focus on the guest experience, from initial contact to post-hire, is key to our success, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.


Mechanical Excellence

Our Landys are far from 'normal' - they are extensively upgraded and modified before becoming LandyCampers. Defenders were not designed with rooftents in mind out of the factory, and their stability and driveability can suffer with heavy loads on the roof in their 'stock' configuration.

A close up of an upgraded shock absorber and suspension set up on a land rover defender

For this reason, our Landys undergo a set of safety-focused upgrades before they even see a rooftent. We work with renowned Land Rover mechanics and OEMs to fit upgraded suspension, brakes, anti-roll bars and more to ensure they more than meet the needs of transporting our guests safely and comfortably with the added weight of rooftents and a rear compartment full of camping equipment!

Beyond this, we service the Landys at regular intervals throughout the rental season, to ensure they are running smoothly and cleanly, and perform preventative maintenance to see off potential problems long before they arise (after all, these ARE still classic cars, with the potential gremlins that come with the territory!).


Sustainable Adventure Travel

Since day 0 of starting LandyCampers, we've integrated sustainability into our business model and daily operations. We're proud to lead the field in carbon-offsetting, and are pleased to see others moving towards similar plans (although there is always more to be done!).

Our extensive offsetting program covers many times our business operations, guest's driven miles, and more - making LandyCampers a 'carbon negative' holiday option! Beyond this we also fund traceable tree planting programs, with our own little 'forest' growing monthly! We're pleased to say all of these measures are undertaken with care, through Gold Standard, accredited schemes with full transparency and traceability of every pound spent.

We're always looking to further improve our 'green' credentials too, whether through new eco-friendly consumables, improved vehicle efficiencies, or (next on our list) new green gas for our burners (more on this in another blog soon!)


Partnerships with Local Businesses

We're constantly growing our network of 'LandyCampers approved' campsites around the UK, and find our Landys frequently return to several 'guest favourites' here in the East of England. These strong partnerships enhance your experience by providing a range of camping options, from luxury to wild.

Plus, we're proud to support other small businesses, including local garage/workshops and camping equipment suppliers wherever possible.


The LandyCampers Family

When you choose Defender camper hire from LandyCampers, you're joining a community of adventure seekers. We've formed friendships with many of our guests, who return year after year. We foster this community through social media and other channels, sharing our passion for adventure and the outdoors.

Don't just take our word for it: "From the beginning, Max & Bela were so helpful in answering our many questions - when we met for vehicle collection and drop off, it felt like we were meeting old friends" (this review in particular still makes us grin!)


LandyCampers turns a holiday into an adventure. We welcome you into the Land Rover family, offering unique experiences like honeymoon trips and family summer holidays. With LandyCampers, you're not just renting a vehicle - you're embarking on an unforgettable journey.

At LandyCampers, we're proud to offer a service that stands out in a growing market. We invite you to experience the LandyCampers difference for yourself. Book now - your adventure awaits!

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