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In the midst of the preparation for our first season, COVID-19 hit. Since then, not only international and domestic travel is restricted, but the supply of vehicles, parts and equipment is delayed and, since we are all in this together, the communication with contractors, traders and retailers can be impeded.

But just like a Defender would, we are plodding on and hoping for better times later this year with hopefully a couple of weeks of warmer weather left for the LandyCampers to go on their first trips with you. Until then, enjoy our blog with insights into life with, in and sometimes under, a Defender and heaps of travel inspiration from our own trips.




The keys to your adventure!

LandyCampers is an adventure vehicle hire specialising in fully equipped and camping ready classic Land Rover Defenders – the most iconic, loyal and adventurous vehicle out there. No other vehicle radiates a thirst for adventure and discovering the outdoors like a Defender and we promise: it’s contagious. 


LandyCampers was born from our joy and excitement when travelling with our Land Rover Defender ‘Fran’. 

After nearly two years on the road as full-time Surf Instructors, having travelled the coasts of the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa, we wanted to share
that feeling of utter roadtrip freedom and slow and low-impact holidays close to nature. Paired with our passion for the most capable and rugged companion of a car, the Defender, we founded LandyCampers in 2019.

Since then we are working hard to find the right vehicles, modifications and insurances; exploring routes, finding partners and testing gear to make sure: you will
have a trip that truly deserves to be called an adventure. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a first-time explorer: our vehicles will offer what’s missing to just
do it! With all the equipment needed already on board and your bed in the rooftent made, just chuck in your bags and hit the road.

Our Land Rover Defenders 90 and 110 will be ready for hire and adventure later this year, once travel restrictions are hopefully lifted.



Blaze your own trail and experience the freedom of a Defender!

Feel like a change of scenery that takes your head of everyday life? Whether it is a quick weekend escape into the Cotswolds or a full blown camping tour along the Cornish coast. We have you covered!


Conveniently located just north of London, our fully equipped and camping ready Land Rover Defenders will take you off the beaten track and have everything on board you need for your trip.

From rooftent to kettle: we've have taken care of all the packing, so you can simply enjoy the drive.

Find your favourite spot, pop-up the tent, roll out the awning and enjoy the view! Our Defenders 90 or 110 offer space for either two or up to five adventurers and thanks to our rooftents and smart storage solutions you will set-up camp in minutes and find all the essentials you need to sweeten your camping experience.


A comprehensive insurance, 24/7 breakdown assistance and 200 miles/day allowance will make sure that nothing stops you on your way!


Think hiking the New Forest, a Suffolk farmstay or canoeing in Norfolk – it doesn’t require loads of time, money or a long haul flight to take you to places you haven’t been or to and experience something new.


Your wanderlust and our Defender’s spirit of adventure will soon be the perfect combination.



Find out more about life with a Landy, read about the true reasons why it simply the
best companion in the world or get some inspiration for your own adventure with our roadtrip diaries!



In the mean time, take a virtual trip with our online albums of our own adventures at:


Can’t wait for your adventure?

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