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Our Landys, geared up and ready for your adventure!


All you need for a practical and head-turning camp set-up!


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Let’s turn the luxury of a holiday into a low impact mission!



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We hire individually converted, fully equipped and camping ready Land Rover Defenders. Located just north of London, our 4x4s will take you off the beaten track and have everything on board you need for your trip.


From rooftent to kettle: As we have taken care of all the packing, all you have to do is enjoy the drive, find your favourite spot, pop-up the tent, roll out the awning and enjoy the view!


Our Defenders 90 or 110 offer space for either two or up to five adventurers and thanks to our rooftents and smart storage solutions you will set-up camp in minutes and find all the essentials you need to sweeten your camping experience. A comprehensive insurance, 24/7 breakdown assistance and 125 miles/day allowance will make ensure that nothing stops you on your way!


  • Reviews & feedback - We hope our 100% 5 star TripAdvisor rating speaks for itself! 

  • The highest quality camping gear all included and zero hidden charges - Every rental includes a level and quality of camping gear you simply won't find anywhere else. As standard.

  • Our Landys - We go above and beyond to ensure our beloved Landys are ready and raring to go for your rental, from the highest quality parts ‘under the bonnet’ to the most thorough cleaning processes inside and out.

  • A personal touch - Whether it’s a quick local break or a far-off adventure, we will work with you to help you plan your ultimate trip, no one else's! 

  • Our expertise and experience - We have curated a unique database of high quality, unique campsites and attractions, both locally and around the UK, to give you tips and ideas

  • Flexibility - Our extremely flexible booking policy allows for easy refunding or rebooking of trips due to any COVID related reasons. A fair and risk free holiday, as it should be.

  • Sustainability  - Uniquely, we carefully calculate and offset the carbon output of your trip by a factor of 200%, making it a 'climate friendly' adventure. Camping is all about nature, so let's help protect it!

LandyCamper, (n.), /ˈlændikæmpɪŋ/, a self determined person who thrives on experiencing and exploring its natural surroundings during slow and low-impact travels with the support of a pragmatic, sturdy and honest vehicle that carries everything they need



Feel like a change of scenery that takes your head of everyday life and offers new perspectives? Whether it is a quick weekend escape into the Cotswolds or a full blown camping tour along the Cornish coast. We have you covered!


No other vehicle radiates a thirst for adventure and the outdoors like our Defenders and we promise: it’s contagious. Whether you are a seasoned camper looking for something new or a first-time explorer wanting to spend more time in nature: our vehicles offer what’s missing for you to just do it! With all the equipment needed already on board and bed made, just chuck in your personal bags and make the most of your time.


Not sure what gear you need, where to camp and what to see? Let us know and we will help compiling your package and offer valuable tips on routes and travel planning.  


Get in touch and turn your next holiday into an unforgettable outdoor adventure.


LandyCampers was born from our joy and excitement when being on the road with our Land Rover Defender ‘Fran’. 
Our vision: A camping vehicle hire that enables our clients to explore what’s close to home in a sustainable yet exciting way. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing markets and its ecological toll constantly rising.


LandyCampers business conduct is based on minimizing and offsetting our emissions. We are trying to provide the most eco-friendly and sustainable products with our vehicles and came up with some incentives to make planning a low-impact holiday easier for you.

Just before our first season, the Covid-19 pandemic started spreading and everything came to a halt. We are closely watching the government’s guidelines and implement LandyCampers processes and set-up accordingly. While camping itself is an attractive option for travellers during and after the pandemic, as its focus on nature and the outdoors generally avoids crowded destinations and allows for social distancing in wide-open spaces or the self-sustainable vehicle, further measures are in place at LandyCampers to ensure you and we are safe during handover and while out and about. 

Freedom, n., /friːdəm/,

the ability to move or go where you want because there is nothing physically stopping you

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A wonderful camping experience

We love camping and have been experimenting with a few campervan/motorhomes. But the Landy camper was by far our favourite way to camp. Bela and Max are wonderful people whose passion for a fun and outdoor lifestyle shows in the way they have set up the Landy camper.
We had a great weekend - the camper is fully stocked with everything you need - you only need to bring yourselves. This was the best I’ve ever slept camping too.
Getting the tent out and packed up is much easier than setting up a ground tent and being high up stops you getting wet and removes any worry of insects!
We really recommend hiring for a wonderful camping experience.

Hattie / TripAdvisor / 5 Star

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Collect your Landy from us in Essex and start your trip from here! We are conveniently located north of London, in the village of Broxted, just two miles from Stansted Airport. Our pick-up and drop-off location is easily accessible from the city and all airports via the M11 or by train to Stansted-Mountfitchet and Bishop-Stortford. Get in touch and we are happy to discuss your trip with you! 



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